Melinda Byerley

Melinda Byerley

Founder, TimeshareCMO

After 14 years in Silicon Valley, most recently as a founder myself of a technology company, I know what you are going through: sleepless nights, anxiety about hiring and financing, the general feeling of not knowing what you don’t know.  Whether it’s digging into your Google Analytics code to fix a problem, creating a dashboard that actually helps your business, or thinking big picture about how to expand your markets and creatively drive acquisition; I’ve done it all, hands on. I can pick up the phone and talk to insiders at every major social media and marketing platform to get instant advice for your business. I’ve hand picked and trained a team of experts to execute the work you need, fast.

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Melinda is like oxygen for any start-up company – a foundational element. The only job that she is unwilling to take on, is one that she simply doesn’t know how to do, and if there is no one else to do it, she will go figure out how to do the job. She is a utlility player with excellent web-marketing capabilities.

Matthew Glen

Vice President of PM, Illumio

Melinda’s seemingly instinctive business insight quickly becomes an indispensable guiding force for those who get the opportunity to work with her. A born leader, Melinda sets the bar high and others feel secure to happily follow.

David Wilkins

Sensor Design Consultant, Parrot, SA

Working with Melinda on the PlantSense product was fun and challenging. The challenge was to live up to the high professional standards she sets herself – although there was always a dose of pragmatics included.

Geoff Smith

Director of Software Engineering, PlantSense

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